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Weather week....11/10-11/14

This week, we talked about weather! What a perfect week to talk about weather, because of our big snow storm. In honor of our snow storm we made a snowman on our door! The kids helped put it together.

Our first project we made snow flakes (you can see them by the door by the snowman) First we colored coffee filters, and then we folded them up to cut around the edges of the coffee filter to create a snowflake!

Another day we talked about clouds and what they do, they bring, rain, snow,and hail. We made a cloud guy, we cut out the cloud, then added arms that held a snowflake and a  rain drop and then legs!

We made rain sticks, first we colored and put stickers onto a paper towel holder and then afterwards added rices for the rain part. It was fun to run around and dance with them.

For art last Friday we talked about the wind, this was kinda like a experiment too, we put paint on our paper then we took a straw and tried to blow it across the paper to see if our lungs where as strong as the wind!

Math: Each (including myself) took turns laying down on the floor to see how many mittens we where tall! (Please remember to click on the pictures to see our gallery)