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Dinosaur week...11/3-11/7

This week we talked about Dinosaurs! We talked about how big they get, how long ago they lived, what they ate and more!

We also froze some dinosaurs, we tried a couple of ways to defrost them, we pull apart the ice or we ran it under what. The children loved exploring the ice!

Sciences: We made a volcano we mixed baking soda, vinegar, red food coloring, and dawn. The children loved watching the explosion! We even placed some little dinosaurs by our volcano. The kids liked exploring the after math!    

For some art projects we made dinosaur eggs, I had my preschooler cut her egg and the toddlers, I did it for him. After we where done cutting out our eggs, we painted them with paper towel tubes.

My toddler was not at daycare today but my preschooler had a blast cutting out different shapes to make a dinosaur. 

We also talked about how Dinosaurs start with the letter "D", we cut out a "D" shape and  added legs, a tail and a head plus googly eyes!!

Today we dipped our toy dinosaurs into paint and make foot prints. 

Today we traced, and cut out (My preschooler cut out her own) and then we added some tangles for toes or toe nails!

Next week is Weather week!!!