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Information for parents.

Hello and Happy Summer!!

Dear Parents,

Summer is here!!! On June 1st we will be starting our summer program. Every summer we have a more flexible schedule. I do keep our meal times and nap time the same but everyday it's a different adventure with our activities.


Book A Wocky:

Every year, I have been doing the Book A Wocky with my daycare children. This is our summer reading program. Every book we read as a group we write it down, rate it, send it to the library for a chance to win a prize. You can do this at home as well. I have a few links to the library information or you can always go down to your local library and see what they have to offer.

Note: We do not go to the library on daycare time, due to no transportation policy. But I do go to the library each week and will be dropping off the slips that we fill out.







And don't forget summer story time starts: June 12th.



Screen free challenge:

You are reading this right! I challenge you on the first week of our summer program to go screen free with your child. No t.v, No iPads, and no computers, just plain old family fun!! I'll have you and your child sign a contract stating you are willing to participate in our “Screen Free Week”. Here are some ideas for you and your family to do for the next week.. And if you break this contract you will owe me ice cream.. J/K on the last part, this is just for fun!!

Screen free challenge starts: June 1st - 8th . Can you do it?

Here are some ideas for you and your family to do together:

-Go to the park.

-Go swimming at a local pool.

-The library.


-Go for a walk.

-The zoo.

-Visit a family member.

-Bake something yummy.

-Bake for a friend or a family member.

-Board games.

-Go in the backyard and just play.

-Go out to dinner: Some places offer kids eat free: http://www.familyfuntwincities.com/kids-eat-free-cheap-twin-cities/

-Lego building challenge.

-Dance party.


-Make a gift/craft.

-Play hide and seek. Or if your child is younger, hide an object and have them go look for it.

-Kids bowl free.

Here's a resource for more ideas:



Designated days for activities for our summer program:

Monday: Park day.. Every Monday we will adventure down to the park.. Either Vineyard park or Brisbin park. Please make sure your child is here by 9:00 a.m, this will give us a little time to get ready for the park. Anyone coming after 9:20 can meet us there and drop off your child.

Tuesday: Normal routine day.

Wednesday:Water day... Please bring the following, extra clothes or Swimsuit, towel, water shoes or sandals. You are more then welcome to leave theses items here. But if you want to bring them back and fourth that is fine also. The reason why I have the children wear shoes for water play is because of safety. If they step on a stick, or something sharp then their feet are protected.

Thursday: Normal routine.

Friday: Bike day... Please bring a bike/trike/scooter, whatever your child loves to ride around, bring it to daycare and we will go on a short walk with them or play with them in the backyard. Also please bring a bike helmet for your child, I do promote bike safety with all my children. I do have extra bike helmets but not enough for everyone.

Please note: That I will be requiring tennis shoes for normal outdoor play. The only days I will allow sandals or flip flops is water day.

Sometimes I will promote other activities throughout out the week, but I'll keep you posted an tell further notice.


Sign in:

This is nothing for parents to get worried about, this is just a new idea for my children to practice writing their names in the morning. When each friend arrives, they'll have a book to sign their names in. We already practice writing our names in the morning but to save time and have more flexibility at our group times, we'll just start our day this way.



It's that time of the year where we can go bowling for free!! We will go bowling once or twice a month. I'll let you know the designated days coming up this summer. If you and your family are interested in kids bowl for free please visit: https://www.kidsbowlfree.com/ Please note, that doesn't include shoe rental.



If you would like to switch out some of your child's clothes for the appropriate weather wear, please let me know, and I'll get that ready for you.


Father's day party:

On June 16 we will be having a father's day party. Please let me know if mornings or evening work best. And TBD for more details.


Other fun events this summer around our community for your family:

-Sand Creek Park: Friday May 26th Movie in the park night. Movie: Zootopia, movie starts at 8:30 but come early as 6:30 for other fun activities.

-Free Summer Concerts Series: Every Thursday 7 p.m at Coon Rapids Dam Performance pavilion: 9750 Egret Blvd. This starts June 8th – August 3rd

-Summer in the city neighborhood meetings: Starts 6:30-8p.m Fire trucks, police cars, public works equipment and other displays available. Gather with the community and learn about city projects and things going on in your neighborhood as well as well as meet with council members and staff.


June 13th: Pheasant Ridge park

11845 Pheasant Ridge Drive

June 27th: Woodcrest Park, 901 103rd Ave.

July 11th: Delta Park 11151 Yukon St.

July 25th: Sand Creek Park, 1008 Northdale Blvd.

-Night To Unite: Tuesday August 1 starting at 5 p.m: In over 100 neighborhoods in Coon Rapids. This year's theme color is red: RED. Night to Unite is an annual event that brings neighbors together to get to know each other, talk about their neighborhoods and connect with members of the Coon Rapids Police and Fire Departments.

Coon Rapids carnival: July 2nd - 4th at Coon Rapids ice center: 11000 Crooked Lake Boulevard

For more information please check out: Coonrapidsmn.gov



I am looking forward to having another great summer, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. :-)

Recap on our year so far....

Hello and welcome! Mrs. Danielle and her team of preschoolers have a had a great year so far! We have done many activities, We explored hibernation, arctic animals.

In February we did Dental healthy month for children. We did an egg experiment we used juice, coffee, and water to place the eggs in. After a day in the liquids we saw the result of what happens if we don't brush our teeth, our teeth stain. We also counted our teeth and flossed and did many activities with Dental week.

We also had a valentine's party....And more!!


We've had a very busy fall! Since our schoolage friends had to go back to school, we've been busy trying to get back into the groove.. We picked apples from my apple tree, we made applesauce, We made acorns. We've talked about fall and how the weather changes. We had a fun Halloween party and more! Here are some pictures of what we've been up to this fall. Now we are focusing more on the Holidays coming up, Thanksgiving, Christmas and other fun events! Check out our calendar/lesson plan to see what we have planed!

Goodbye summer....

Yes, it is now fall. We had a ton of fun this summer. We started in the spring with plants, butterflies and other fun science experiments. This summer we did a ton of activities, we had Mike the riddler come visit our daycare, a police officer, water days, bike days, and bowling. It's been fun but now we are in Fall mode. This fall we have begun talking about the weather and the leaves changing. How the nights are getting longer and the days are getting shorter. 

Unfortunately my computer is down, I have no pictures to share at this time. :-( I will post some fun activities we've been doing this fall as soon as I get my computer back :-D  


Thank you for your understanding,

Mrs. Danielle

Fun in the sun!

It's been a very busy summer so far, we've been trying to keep up on our garden, to bowling twice a month, going for walks, entertainers, to holiday events to water day! Busy, busy. Here are some of our highlights from our summer so far!