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Welcome back friends!

Yes just like the title says WELCOME BACK! And also welcome a couple of new friends  :-)

This week, we trying to get back into grove with our routine and getting to know our friends as well.

For craft projects we cut out a flower (tulip) but the children said it looked more like a dinosaur foot, so we cut out a dinosaur foot instead. After we cut it out we used brand new dauber that we just got this week, to decorate them!

Since Monday was very windy out, that inspired us to make kites, we made them out of lunch bags, we decorated them with stickers and markers, then we added streamers. They look great! 

Wednesday We made spring snails, with paper plates and construction paper. I drew a a spiral on the paper plates for the children to placed various colors of paper on it Then we traced and cut out a snail body.

Thursday we made ants! Since it's getting nicer outside we've been seeing a lot of ants outside, The children each choose what color paper they wanted to trace and cut out their ant shape. After they cut out their ants, we placed legs and antennas with googly eyes!

Friday we made a flower garden using our arm and hand. We painted our arm green for a stem and blue for the peddle part. They look great!

Since it was such a beautiful week out we spent a lot of time outside, we even had our first picnic of the year!