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My five senses week...

This week our friends had a short week. Everyone came back on Wednesday! We had so much fun learning about our five senses. I used a Mr. Potato head to show the children our five senses. We also did some smell test and guest what we where smelling. We smelled vinegar, hot sauce, tomato sauce. and hand soap. We did a feel test, I put different objects from around the classroom to place in a bag and the children had to guess what was in it. For our art projects, we traced and cut out our hands, then added different textures to it. We figerpainted with puffy paint, we put paint and shaving cream together to make it puffy looking. We also made 3d art we put yarn in glue and placed it onto paper to make a 3d affect. And for our final project (I didn't get pictures) But we did make a popcorn from a popper. We poured kernels in the popcorn maker, and then watched the popcorn fly out into a large bowl. We used all our senses for this snack. We could smell the popcorn being made, hear it pop, we could see the kernels turn into popcorn, we could taste the popcorn (after it cooled down of course) and we could use our hands to feel the popcorn! Yummy snack!