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Numbers, colors, letters and shapes week...

Each day this week, we will take a subject for example: Monday numbers, Tuesday colors, Wednesday Letters, Thursday: Shapes, and Friday recap on our week. This will help some of our children with recognizing their numbers, colors, letters and shapes!

Monday: We read  "Chicka, chicka, 1,2,3" and we also re-created a Chicka, chicka, 1,2,3, tree! We had a blast painting the tree! We also helped put on the numbers as well. For our art project for the day, we each cut out the number of how old we are, and then we got to paint it.

Tuesday: We made a color collage with various items!

Wednesday: We cut out the first letter of our names and decorated them with stickers and glitter crayons! We also read "Chicka, chicka, boom, boom" and recreated the tree!

Thursday: We made shape snowmen, first we cut out circles and squares and other shapes to make our snowmen!

Friday was a recap on what we went through the whole week, for our art project we cut out our favorite shape and then marble painted it!