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Gingerbread man week...12/1-12/5

We had such a fun week! This week we read all about the gingerbread man and how he ran so fast that we even couldn't catch up to him! We had a good time making crafts, creating a fun atmosphere, and looking for our gingerbread man we made!

For fun we made, "If I where a gingerbread boy/girl...." "I would look like this..." and "This is what my house would look like..." (The younger the child was the more simpler the paper was)

first we made a gingerbread house (Made out of cardboard) painted it brown and then colored paper plates to create candy. we added candy canes. After it was dry we put it in our home living area, the kids loved pretending they were gingerbread people.

We also made, gingerbread paper with five different textures on it, we used pasta, a straw, felt paper, paper, tissue paper.

We made gingerbread houses made out of paper, first the children cut out their own houses, then we added shapes for windows, doors, candy and more. We even used white crayon for snow.

We also made gingerbread faces, we painted paper plates brown, then we added googly eyes, a bow and we painted on our mouth.. Looks great!

And for our adventure we made a gingerbread man! First we mixed up ingredients and after every thing was mixed we had to let the gingerbread sit for a bit, and when we came back to check up on the gingerbread it disappeared, we had to go on gingerbread man hunt! It was tons of fun the kids loved finding the clues on where to go next to find the gingerbread man. And I wont leave out, it was delicious!