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First week of Traditions

The next couple of weeks, we will be discussing some traditions from around the world. This week we started off with Hanukkah, we sang a raffy song "I had a little dradle". We also played with a a dradle. For our at project, we used our hands as a menorah and then our fingertips for the candle flame.

The next day we talked about Chinese new year. Each child got their own lucky money, I also told them their zodiac sign was. We used chop sticks to pick up pom-poms and Chinese's spoons to scoop up pom-poms as well. We saw a youtube video on a dragon dance and we discussed what the dragon means.  For our art project we made Chinese lanterns, first we cut in the the middle of our paper then we put stickers onto the paper, after we where done we folded the up and hung them up.

For the third day we celebrated two of our friends traditions, around this time of year, they like to sit around their tree at home reading books, they also like to decorate around the house. For their art project we traced and cut out a tree to decorate with wax crayons and glitter! 

And for today's tradition we celebrated another friends, they like to go visit Santa around this time of year.This year Santa sent this child an elf on shelf, to watch over that person. We read the book "Elf on a shelf, a family tradition". We also looked at fun pictures from last year's Christmas! For today's art project we traced and cut out stockings, we colored them with markers and put glitter on them too. (TBA on art pictures) 

Check out latter next week for more fun traditions in our classroom!