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Geing to school/getting back into daycare routine...

Group Time: Social and Emotional Development, language and literacy development, Cognitive development (Social systems understanding), creativity, approaches to learning. (Preschoolers and toddlers) While welcoming our preschoolers to daycare, we will be also encouraging the toddlers to sit down with us and participate as well:

Toddler/Preschool: We will have our welcome song, go over our helping hands, calendar, weather, and how we felt today.. This week we will get back to the norm. Our school age friends will be going to school and we will be going back to our routine to get ready for kindergarten. First order of business, I will ask the children, "What do you want to learn this fall?" (Or school year?). Question of the day, "How do others make me happy?"


Skills: Cognitive, motor development, approaches to learning:

-Preschools: Write down and spell out name

-Toddlers: Spell out name.. Name recognition. 

-Toddlers/preschoolers: Number of the week: 28

-Preschool focus: Monday: Name writing.. Tuesday: Phone number... Wednesday: Home address.... Thursday: My birth date... Friday: brain break.... 

-Preschool: Practice zipping, shoe tying, and buttoning buttons. (Main focus)

-Wednesday: letter day.. 


-Hand prints..

Large motor:

-Jumping hoops day...