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Group Time: Social and Emotional Development, language and literacy development, Cognitive development (Social systems understanding), creativity, approaches to learning. (Preschoolers and toddlers) While welcoming our preschoolers to daycare, we will be also encouraging the toddlers to sit down with us and participate as well:

Toddler/Preschool: Hello! And happy Summer everyone! The children are excited to kick this week off with lots of fun activities and exploring..At group time we will go over our helping hands, calendar, weather, and how we felt today and read our book of the day.. Our goal for this summer is to spend lots of time outside!!


Skills: Cognitive, motor development, approaches to learning:

-Preschools: Write down and spell out name

-Toddlers: Spell out name.. Name recognition. 

-Toddlers/preschoolers: Number of the week: 23

-Preschool: Letter train:  Y, y

-Preschool: Practice zipping, shoe tying, and buttoning buttons. (Main focus)

-Monday: Rhyming day. Tuesday: Sorting/patterning, and colors. Wednesday: Letter day. Thursday: Shape day. Friday: Math/counting day.


haircut paper people..

Large motor:

-Shooting hoops...

Earlier Event: July 16
Later Event: July 18