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Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss...

Happy Birthday to one of my favorite author and illustrator!!! In honor of his birthday we will be doing a reading challenge... Here is what I have planned so far... Since we spontaneously read though out the day we will be challenging ourselves to read from one of theses choices everyday in March and probably continue.....


-Child's choice..

-Read with a hat on...

-Read to your favorite stuffed animal from our classroom..

-Read to a friend.

-Read upside down..

-Read under a table..

-Listen to someone read to you..

-Child's choice..

-Read out loud..

-Read on mats...

-Read a Dr. Seuss book..

-Read a book about animals..

-Read a book that rhymes....

-Read a book that is true...

-Child's choice..

-Read while having a snack...

-Read in box...

-Child's choice...

-Read lying down..

-Read a book you have never read before.. 

-Read standing up..

-Read While smiling...

-Read while frowning...

-Read while plugging up my nose..

-Read holding a friend's hand..

-Read while jumping..

-Read a knock knock or article because Mrs. Danielle forgot to pick up a book at the library..

-Read to Mrs. Danielle

-Read at lunch time..

-Read outside..

-Read a singing book..

-Read, read, read!!!


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