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Colors week.....

Group Time: Social and Emotional Development, language and literacy development, Cognitive development (Social systems understanding), creativity, approaches to learning. (Preschoolers and toddlers) While welcoming our preschoolers to daycare, we will be also encouraging the toddlers to sit down with us and participate as well.

Today's color: Red/pink

Toddlers: We will sing "Who came to daycare today......". Go over our color of the day. Who is wearing red or pink or both?? We will also continue with our shapes and colors through out the week as well. We will read our book of the day.

Preschool: We will sing "Who came to daycare today...." We will go over our helping hands, calendar, weather, and how we feel? We will talk about the color of the day and the colors of each day this week. We will read our book of the day.

-Preschool/toddlers: Shapes and colors.

-Toddlers/preschool: We will be practicing counting on our calendar, and more.

-Preschool: Letter and sound of the week: F, f

-Preschooler: Word of the day "RED".

-Preschool: Practice zipping, shoe tying, and buttoning buttons. (Main focus)

-Rhyming day..

Art: Decorate red pajamas/Starting a large rainbow...

Large motor: Hide the red ball..

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