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Bird week..

Group Time: Social and Emotional Development, language and literacy development, Cognitive development (Social systems understanding), creativity, approaches to learning. (Preschoolers and toddlers) While welcoming our preschoolers to daycare, we will be also encouraging the toddlers to sit down with us and participate as well.

Toddlers: We will start with our "Where is _____(Child's name)____"... We will go over our shapes and colors. We will read our book of the day. I'll talk to the children what is a bird and what does it do. Some children may chirp like a bird or flap their arms like wings.

Preschool: We will sing "Where is ___(Child's name)___." We will go over our helping hands, calendar, weather, and how we feel today? This week we will be talking about birds. Today will be a little of a recap of our bird unit, we will be doing a life cycle of chicken quiz. I'll ask my friends questions about what we've been talking about all week.

Book: TBD

Skills: Cognitive development, motor development, approaches to learning, language and literacy development. (Preschoolers)

-Our word of the week: Bird

-Letter of the week: B is for Bird

-Color of the week: Shapes and colors

-Number of the week: 13

Journal: "If I were a bird, I would...."

Large motor/outside: Bird watching, seeing if we can find birds in our neck of the woods.

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Bird week...
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Bird week...