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Back to school...

Yes, it's that time of year when some of our friends return back to school, some of us have different emotions about starting school back up. As a community we are also going to go back into our normal routine for the year, since we are getting bigger and becoming more of a help, we will be transitioning to doing more helping hands around the daycare. For example, busing our dishes, being responsible for our own things (Putting our own blankets away, putting away our toys and more!). And much more!! :-) 

Group Time: We will start with our helping hands, calendar, weather, and our new letter of the week is "S". We will come up with a list of names and including pictures in our letter of the week. We will also start doing name spelling, our birthdays and more stuff for us to know. :-) This week we are talking about "Back to school" I'll ask the children what they think that means and I will explain for some of us will be returning back to school and some of us will be doing some school related stuff at Mrs. Danielle's home daycare.

Book: TBA

Skill: Name writing/name spelling

Art: (For this week our projects will go based around what we've enjoyed doing the most this summer

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Back to school...