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Safety week...

This week we will be going over verous topics of Safety, from Germs, to strangers,  and how to stay safe in your home!

Group Time: We will go over our helping hands, calender, weather, and our letter of the week "J". We will go over what we did this last weekend and what they enjoyed about their weekend. Then we will start discussing what they think "safety is all about?" The children will give me their definition of safety and then I'll go more into depth on what we will be discussing.  Today's topic will be germs and where they come from and what we can do to prevent them.

Book: Safety

Skill: Name Recognition and name writing. The older children will write out their whole name, address and phone number.

Science: I will do an experiment with the children on germs, we will use glitter on our hands and then try to wash them off as well as we can. This will help the children understand sometimes you need to wash your hands longer then they do.

Art: Trace and arm and place tissue at the end of the hand. This is called cover your mouth.

Outside: If it's too wet to play outside, we may go for a little walk around the neighborhood. If it's too stormy we will we will turn on some music and dance.

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Bike day/Picnic day at the park!
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Safety week...