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4th of July week...

Happy 4th of July week! This week we will talk about traditions and what the children do this time of year for the 4th of July. Celebrating what we have and be proud to be an American!

Group Time: We will go over our helping hands, calender, weather, and our new letter of the week is "J". We will come up with "J" words. We will also listen to the "Star spangled banner". We will also discuss why people listen to that song and why it's important.

Book: TBA

Skill: Name writing and name recognition. The school agers will write up their full name, home address and phone number. 

Art: American flag. The children will cut out strips of paper for the red stripes and cut out a blue square for the star part, then add stars or dots with a q-tip on the blue part.

Outside: Go to the park, or red light green light.

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4th of July week...