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Food week...

Hello and welcome to food week!

This week we will explore what kinds of foods we enjoy eating, discuss if they're good or bad or maybe they're more of a once in awhile kind of food. We will be exploring different areas of food, for example home living has grocery area we will explore shopping. we will talk about the food pyramid and much more!!

Group Time: Today we will start with our helping hands calendar, weather and how we feel today? Today I will ask each child what is their favorite food is? After wards, I'll ask if they think it's healthy or once in awhile kinds of food.

Book: TBA

Skills: Letter of the week "C" we will practice writing our capital "C" and lower case "c". We will also write up names and spelling them out.

Art: peanut butter or jelly bread painting

Outside: Soccer.

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Pumpkin Jack....
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Food week...