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Gingerbread joy week...

Hell and Welcome back! This week we will be doing Gingerbread joy from popular demand!
I will be writing up the rest of my lesson plan on Monday November 30th.

Group Time: We will go over our helping hands, calendar, weather and how we feel today. Today we will go over our Gingerbread. What do we know about the gingerbread man? We will read "Gingerbread man loose in school". Before reading it we will discuss what if a gingerbread man was loose at daycare? What would happen? Where would he go? 

Song: Five gingerbread man

Book: Gingerbread man loose in school

Skills: Name spelling and name writing

Art: Gingerbread man that is loose at the day care

Outside: Playing gingerbread man


Earlier Event: November 26
Closed/Happy Thanksgiving!
Later Event: December 1
Gingerbread boy week