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Pumpkin Jack, what happens to the pumpkin after Halloween?

Happy weekend after Halloween! Yes we are continue talking about pumpkins and other fun stuff. Since last week we talked more about Halloween, this week we will focus on our pumpkin we carved out last week. No one really talks about what happens to the pumpkin after Halloween, this week we will explore our pumpkin see what happens after we are done using our pumpkins.

Group Time: First we will start with our helping hands, calendar, weather, and how we feel today? I will introduce the children to "Pumpkin jack" just like the pumpkin we named last week, I will read the story of pumpkin jack and what happens to him after wards. I will ask the children if they know what happens to their pumpkin after Halloween? 

Song: Five little pumpkins

Book: Pumpkin Jack

Skills: Write our letter of the week "B". We will also write out our name names. For my 3 to 4 year olds, we will start writing out their first and last name.

Science: Today we will examine our pumpkin, first we will draw a picture of our pumpkin and then we will check the inside of the pumpkin to see if it's still good. :-) (We will do this every day this week to see if it changes).

Outside: pumpkin, pumpkin, spice!! (Duck., duck, goose game)

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Happy Halloween
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Pumpkin Jack