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Colors, shapes, letters and numbers week..

Each day this week, we will take a subject for example: Monday numbers, Tuesday colors, Wednesday Letters, Thursday: Shapes, and Friday recap on our week. This will help some of our children with recognizing their numbers, colors, letters and shapes!

We also have created a chicka, chicka, 1,2,3 board we will be going through each day plus A chicka, chicka, Boom, boom board.

Grouptime: This week will start our groptime like we always do first we do our helping hands (jobs), calender and weather. Today we will talk about numbers. We will make a chart on how old we are are. For older children we will count how many letters in their names.

Song: one little apple, two little apple.....

Book: Counting fun and Chicka, chicka, 1,2,3..

Skills: Name recognition and name writing

Art: Cutting out how old we are number, and then painting them any color of our choice.

Outside: Let's just hop we can make it outside this week :-)

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