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Winter fun/snow week...

Grouptime: We will continue talking about the calender and the weather. Today we will discuss what happens in the winter time? Do you feel hot or cold or doe the weather just feel good on your skin? We will sing: "Five yummy gingerbread".

Book: "Frosty the snowman" and "Sadie and the snowman".

Skills: Sorting/patterning/ and colors.

Art/Math: How tall of a snowman are you? The children will each lay down on the ground, Someone (Another child or a Mrs.Danielle will assist) will lay down circles onto the ground next to the child to see how tall of a snowman they are. After figuring out how tall they are, they can glue their circles onto paper, add eyes, a nose, a mouth, maybe a hat, and arms to create a snowman of their own!

Outside: It's another nice day out! We will be outside playing with shovels, playing hide and seek.


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Winter fun/snow week...
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Winter fun/snow week..