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Traditions week...Diwali

The next couple of weeks, we will be discussing traditions from around the world. I will also include the children at my daycare, what they do with their families and how they celebrate, their traditions. I will include myself to show the children what I do with my family around this time of year. I will be doing my lesson planning based around my children and the cultures around us. 

Grouptime: This week we will have three new friends join our group! We are very excited for them to be apart of our community. Since we have new friends starting this week, we will have more responsibility, we will start our day with "Helping hands" (This is where children can choose, a job of the day that best suits them) The children's choices are "Mrs.Danielle's help of the day", "Calendar helper", "Line leader", "Room inspector", and "Light helper". After we go over our new rules and jobs, we will continue with our calendar and what's the weather like today! For today's tradition we will discuss Diwali, and what kinds of things they do to celebrate their holiday. 

Book: "Celebrations!" and "Celebrate Diwali".

Skill: Name recognition/name writing

Art: Painting beautiful designs on a card board on the wall, just like in India, they decorate and paint on walls.

Outside: Going on a parade

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