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Update on our science projects....

Here's a look at our caterpillars:

Here is an update on our plants: So far our cucumbers are the only thing growing out of our garden. The children keep finding worms and placing them in the cucumber bin. The children have come to the conclusion,  that  is the reason why they are growing faster than the other plants.

Farm Animals... May 26th-29th

This week we talked about farm animals! We discussed what what noises some animals make, what baby animals are called. Here are some fun projects we made this week, we made baby chicks, horses, we milked a cow (I put blue paint into a glove and we pretended to milk a cow) and made thumb print sheep's.  And we also had our first water day of the summer!

Life Cycle week....May 18th-22nd

Hello and sorry I haven't had much time to update my website. We've been very busy at Mrs. Danielle's day care! On the week we did our Life cycle lesson plan, we ordered caterpillars. It's been so much fun watching them, now they have turned into cocoons. We are very excited to see them turn into butterflies.

Here are some art projects we did with our life cycle week.. Plus posters of what we talked about during our life cycle (That includes frogs, apples tree and caterpillars)

Gardening/spring week...

We had such a great week of gardening, we made our garden pots, first we placed rock in the the pots for water to flow through the dirt. Then we added dirt and then we planted our seeds. For one of our art projects we made labels for our garden! The children are very excited to see them growing! For our art projects, we made sun flowers, carrots with our feet and hands. We cut out a cucumber shape and ripped up green paper to place onto the cucumber shape.

Bugs and other creepy crawlers...

We had such a fun week, this week I set changed things up a little I set up a science table that had all kinds of bugs on it. You could look at books with bugs, look at bugs through a microscope and play with plastic big bugs! We made special hats out of bugs, puppets, bees, and painted with worms (Spaghetti noodles)! For one of our lessons, I made a spider web on the floor and I wrote numbers on the web and the kids had to tell me what numbers where on the web. After we figured out what the numbers we placed bugs on the web.

Also happy May Day! The children got a special surprise at snack time today! :-)

Earth Week...

We had a fun week of learning how to take care of our earth. We went on a walk to clean up trash around our neighborhood. 

Here are some fun projects we did this week:

We cut out a big circle and then we painted our hands blue and green, to create an earth.

We colored a coffee filter blue and green with markers and added a little bit of water to it. We saw the colors spread into each other, we created another earth.

One of our friends brought in paper towel tubes and we cut the ends of them them to make our own design, afterwards we painted with them.

I collected tin cans to paint and then we made drums out of them.

We made a bird feeder with cheerios.